WITH An heirloom you WILL treasure your memories of life and pass them on to the next generation


Imagine if you could match your wedding heirlooms to the colour scheme of your wedding day.

Discover the wedding heirlooms: a ring box, vows book, guest book, keepsake box, keepsake folio and more.


Or lovely birth heirlooms for your little one(s)! The Stars & Moon Box consists of a keepsake box with heirlooms to treasure little memories.

A box for photos & little keepsakes, e.g. teeth & the first hair lock, a book for little memories and two plates for a foot & hand print.


All heirlooms are handcrafted and covered with the most delicate linen or soft velvet.

With covering and embellishments you love.


Have a look around and discover the most beautiful heirlooms for your special memories and cherish them in the days to come! 


S A B R I N E  D E N  O S


The Knot Heirlooms is a creative studio for fine, handcrafted bespoke heirlooms to start your own tradition.

The studio is founded by Sabrine den Os. She is passionate about crafting beautiful, bespoke and heirloom boxes and books.

The base of the products is cardboard sheets. The sheets are cut to size and then assembled. The products can be covered with beautiful delicate linen or soft velvet and personalised with your logo in foil press, printed on vellum or on linen.

Every product is unique, original and completely handmade!


The products are made with respect for our environment: the studio works with FSC-certified suppliers, uses water-based glue, separates waste and recycles materials. 

Because not all materials can be bought locally and a lot of packages leave the studio, The Knot Heirlooms contributes to planting trees every year to reduce the 'carbon footprint' and increase the sustainability of the studio.

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