the wedding heirlooms


Imagine if you could match your wedding heirlooms to the colour scheme of your wedding day.

Discover the wedding box to treasure all your wedding heirlooms:

a ring box, vow book, guest book, folio for your wedding suite and more.


All heirlooms are handcrafted and covered with the most delicate linen or soft velvet.

With covering and details you love.


Have a look around and discover the most beautiful heirlooms for your special day and cherish them in the days to come! 

the wedding box

A custom made Wedding Box to treasure your wedding heirlooms.

Filled with a ring box, a vow book, a guest book, a folio for your wedding suite.

If you're looking for a special heirloom, please let me know, I love to think along!


the wedding ceremony

A lovely ring box and matching vow book for your wedding ceremony.

I can make the ring box for one or two rings.

The vow book comes with two handmade papers for writing down the vows.

You can also choose the vows to be handwritten.

Beautiful heirlooms to cherish forever!


the wedding reception

A guest book and a box for gifts and keepsakes for your wedding reception.

The vow book can match your ring box and vow book from the wedding ceremony.


the wedding stationery

Folio to treasure and cherish your wedding suite.

Ask your stationer for an extra set of your wedding suite to put in this folio.



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If you have questions or need advise, please send me an email so I can help you!